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Throughout his life, the core of Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Kelly's world has always been music. Though not from a musical family, he discovered his love of singing at a very young age. Introspective and shy when he was young, he often picked up tunes very easily in passing. These were rarely sung within earshot of others, however, and did not perform as a musician until well into his teens.

Michael's love of Celtic and Maritime music began around the time he first picked up the guitar; introduced to both of these by John Petrak, one of his highschool science teachers, who also moonlighted at the time as a folk musician. Inspired and influenced by the powerful writing of fellow Canadian Stan Rogers and the lilting Celtic tones of Andy Stewart, Michael began to emulate the style of their recordings and develop his own musical voice. Though mostly self-taught, Michael's musical skills were nurtured by frequent jam sessions with musically supportive friends, and then later tested by open mic nights and street performance.

It was in encountering the Society for Creative Anachronism that Michael found a vast resource for learning more about Irish and Scottish music, as well as a much wider audience of kindred spirits to sing for. For a number of years he has traveled to SCA and renaissance events, performing both traditional Celtic music and his own original works, which draw heavily from fantasy sources, mythology, and Celtic tradition.

When he is not traveling abroad in the United States, Michael can be regularly found sitting in with Sloe Gin Sideshow at their open Irish music session on Sunday nights at Johnny Fox's Irish Snug in his home town of Vancouver, BC.