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For a number of years, Michael has been an active participant in the Society for Creative Anachronism (, an international group over 30,000 strong which celebrates and recreates aspects of the middle ages. His interests within the society have included dance, as well as dabbling in fencing and archery, but now focus largely on music. As a wandering bard, Michael Kelly is a common sight either on stage or at many a camp's fireside at the larger events such as Estrella or Pennsic War.

In recognition for his service as an entertainer of the populace, Michael has been granted an Award of Arms in his home kingdom of An Tir, as well as a court baronetcy in the kingdom of Atenveldt. While not officially part of any household, he has been unofficially adopted into a number of different camps, and is fortunate enough to count good friends and chosen family amongst most parts of the known world.